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Cash or Credit?

When looking to offer business credit, watch out for lead aggregators

In my position, I talk to many business owners who manufacturer, distribute, or otherwise sell equipment. And most of them are small enough that they really don’t have an in-house financing department. Meaning their B2B customers pay cash (or otherwise arrange their own equipment financing.) Naturally, these companies would like to offer credit. So they look on the… Read More »

Let’s talk about companies offering credit (part 2)

My last post talked about how the world has changed in terms of not just how we use credit, but how easy it has become for anyone to offer credit. I used credit card acceptance as an example of a small service (like a local ad agency) giving their customers the ability to pay via credit. Now I… Read More »

Let’s talk about companies offering credit (part 1)

  One thing that I really like about the internet is how easy it makes doing business (and offering equipment financing). Allow me a quick story to demonstrate this: Years and years ago, a friend of mine started an advertising business. Basically, he wanted to be a “small town ad agency” helping Mom and Pop businesses advertise. And… Read More »

What’s NOT hot in equipment financing (Part 2)

Ok, let’s wrap up my semi-annual “hot or not” series with another “not”. And it’s actually a huge surprise to me, because this industry I am about to mention has only shown growth every year I’ve been in this business (we’re talking two decades here.) For the first time in what seems like forever, Medical Equipment has taken… Read More »

Credit Inquiries… why are they bad? (part 2)

Last time out, I talked about your credit score and why inquiries were bad for it. But at the very end, you asked the question (well, wait… actually I asked the question, but since I was writing as if we were talking and assumed you would ask… ok, never mind, I’m confusing myself – stay with me here.)… Read More »