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Equipment financing companies and who they finance (part 2)

Ok, last time out I talked about Equipment Financing companies advertising that they do business with all kinds of large clients. And then I stated that most equipment financing and equipment leasing deals come from small to medium sized businesses. Well, here I’m going to open the curtain a bit and show you the basic details of a… Read More »

Equipment financing companies and who they finance (part 1)

One thing I always pay attention to is equipment financing companies and their websites / marketing (both my own company’s website and the competition.) And you know, I’ve noticed a funny thing: unless my company is alone on an island, it would seem that everybody else only finances equipment for big companies. Really, looking on some competitor websites,… Read More »

What’s NOT hot in equipment financing (Part 2)

Ok, let’s wrap up my semi-annual “hot or not” series with another “not”. And it’s actually a huge surprise to me, because this industry I am about to mention has only shown growth every year I’ve been in this business (we’re talking two decades here.) For the first time in what seems like forever, Medical Equipment has taken… Read More »

Fletch’s Holiday 2012 Wish List

The holidays are here, and here’s my wish list for 2012: I wish for a better 2013 in terms of the economy. Listen, I know things have been rough, and I know some people think we’re slowly recovering, but the fact is, for many companies, business is fairly stagnant. I really would like to see a better 2013… Read More »

From the mailbag – What’s hot in equipment financing…

We’ll take a quick break from the vendor/lender equipment financing relationship and answer an interesting e-mail I got the other day. John writes: Hey Fletch, do me a favor. Because you write equipment leases, you probably know business trends better than most. Can you tell me what industries are hot or emerging so I can have a clue… Read More »