“And It’s Only $1326 a Month!”

By | May 20, 2024

Sometimes I look at old blogs to see topics I haven’t discussed in a while. And one topic I like revisiting every few months is your company offering financing. 

offer equipment finance

If you read this blog, you’ll see I hit this topic a few times because I feel it’s an essential part of any business. But what spurred me to write today was reading an old blog from five or six years ago about always selling on a payment. 

I believed it wholeheartedly then, and I believe it now. Saying “You can have this for $1326 a month” is a lot easier to take than “It’s $75,000. Will that be cash or check?”

You can think whatever you want about auto dealerships, but they are the absolute masters of closing sales. And they learned the ultimate lesson decades ago: always sell on a payment. Always. 

Of course you will get that one customer who doesn’t need financing and wants to know the total cost, but the fact is almost everyone else buys a vehicle on a payment. 

It’s the same with your company and what you offer. Even if your customer doesn’t ask you about financing, I promise you a considerable percentage of them, likely well over 90%, are thinking “monthly payment”, even if they say nothing to you about it. They are going to Crest Capital, they are going to the bank, they are going to their rich-but-obnoxious uncle… they are going somewhere, and will make monthly payments.

But there’s another customer you never got to really talk to. Know why? They ultimately bought from your competitor because your competitor made it easy. Your competitor made it so they didn’t have to go to Crest or banks or uncles they really can’t stand… your competitor partnered with someone (maybe even us) to offer equipment financing right there at the point of sale.

Your competitor understood that offering financing cost them nothing. Your competitor understood that offering financing was ridiculously easy, and it involved no work on their end at all. Your competitor had “only $XYZ a month” right on their website. 

Your competitor made the sale. You never even had a shot.

Compete better. Offer financing. If you need help, we’re ready.

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