About Fletch

the Equipment Lease Guy
the Lease Guy himself!

Chris “Fletch” Fletcher, affectionately known as the “Lease Guy”, is a seasoned business professional boasting over 15 years of experience in the equipment finance industry. As a Senior Account Executive at a national equipment finance company, Fletch has built a reputation for helping businesses of all sizes grow and expand through innovative equipment, software, and vehicle financing solutions. He’s the go-to guy when it comes to leasing – no piece of equipment is too big or too small for Fletch to handle! 

Fletch began his career at a multi-national bank, sharpening his skills in credit analysis and underwriting before making the leap to equipment finance. Since then, he’s expertly navigated the complexities of equipment financing for clients in diverse industries, from construction and machine tool to agriculture and technology.

With extensive knowledge in business money management, finance, and industrial machinery, Fletch has a knack for translating complex financial concepts into easy-to-grasp language. His goal? To empower business owners and managers to make informed decisions, all while keeping things just a tad bit less intimidating.

When he’s not busy being the “Lease Guy,” Fletch contributes to leading business publications and online platforms, sharing his insights on financial management, equipment leasing, and industry trends. His engaging writing style, sprinkled with a dash of humor, makes his articles a must-read for business professionals everywhere. And let’s not forget his love for history – Fletch often shares his historical knowledge at industry events, proving that he’s not just a finance whiz.

Outside the world of finance, Fletch leads a balanced life as a loving husband by night and a rockin’ guitar player by weekend. His dedication to both his professional and personal pursuits demonstrates his passion for success and his undeniable zest for life.