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Fletch’s Holiday 2012 Wish List

The holidays are here, and here’s my wish list for 2012: I wish for a better 2013 in terms of the economy. Listen, I know things have been rough, and I know some people think we’re slowly recovering, but the fact is, for many companies, business is fairly stagnant. I really would like to see a better 2013… Read More »

From the mailbag – What’s hot in equipment financing…

We’ll take a quick break from the vendor/lender equipment financing relationship and answer an interesting e-mail I got the other day. John writes: Hey Fletch, do me a favor. Because you write equipment leases, you probably know business trends better than most. Can you tell me what industries are hot or emerging so I can have a clue… Read More »

Mad at the TV (ie: Section 179 is NOT corporate welfare!)

Those who know me know I’m not very political and I tend to look at politics and the like from a distance. I think being in the equipment finance industry makes me that way: When times are good, companies finance equipment. When times are bad, other companies finance equipment. When republicans are in office, certain companies think their… Read More »