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Let’s Talk Section 179 Again

It’s been awhile since I posted about Section 179, so let’s discuss this thoroughly awesome tax deduction. It’s the time of year when you should start thinking hard about Section 179 – especially if you haven’t bought any qualifying equipment yet. That’s because congress raised Section 179’s deduction to a robust $500,000. This means you can buy equipment… Read More »

Credit card rates vs. auto loan rates vs. mortgage rates… why so different???

Last time, I talked about equipment financing rates, and why banks may sometimes have a lower rate than other lenders due to the fact that the bank lessens their risk by demanding collateral and tying up accounts. So let’s stay on the rate topic and look at other types of lending, and why rates are what they are.… Read More »

Why are credit card rates so high?

I get cornered at parties a lot and asked all kinds of financial questions. I guess if you work in any industry where “money” is involved, you become some kind of money expert. At least in the eyes of others. So the other day I get asked “Fletch, why are credit card rates so high, higher than things… Read More »

The times… they aren’t a changin’

If you read this blog, you know I’ve commented on the economy from time to time. And I’m usually pretty optimistic… well, cautiously optimistic – that’s a better way to describe it. But I do try and look for signs that “things” are getting better, etc. But this isn’t one of those posts. This isn’t doom and gloom,… Read More »

More on Section 179, equipment financing, and 2009

I know I recently posted about Section 179 making its long-awaited (by me anyway) appearance in 2009, and I wanted to touch on that theme again. Actually, I’m going to restate something I mentioned months ago (big surprise there), because conditions are very favorable right now. I mentioned last year that Section 179 and Equipment Financing were made… Read More »