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Cash or Credit?

The times… they aren’t a changin’

If you read this blog, you know I’ve commented on the economy from time to time. And I’m usually pretty optimistic… well, cautiously optimistic – that’s a better way to describe it. But I do try and look for signs that “things” are getting better, etc. But this isn’t one of those posts. This isn’t doom and gloom,… Read More »

Credit isn’t dead – we’ve been here the whole time

This is going to sound like a bit of a plug, but recent events force my hand. Also, President Obama apparently did not read my “we’re still lending” post a few months back. For shame. Anyway, while watching the President’s speech to congress (and us) the other night, I was happy to hear him talk about the need… Read More »

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Being that I work in equipment finance, I need to clear a little something up in regards to debt: Regardless of what you hear on the TV and such, debt is not evil, debt is not bad, and debt is not responsible for the economic slowdown. At least not good debt. What’s the difference you ask? Well, it’s… Read More »

Free Credit Reports are Scary!!!

  More and more, it seems there are TV commercials and internet ads offering to get you your credit report for free. But is it really free? Because if it is, who pays for those TV commercials? Of course these places aren’t free! Oh, they’ll get you a free credit report alright, it’s just that you have to… Read More »

Banks Trashed Your Credit and Spamming You? Well, You Asked For It.

If you watch TV at all, you’ve probably seen the numerous commercials claiming to let banks and lending companies “compete” to give you the lowest possible rate. You may have also seen online banner ads proclaiming they can get you a mortgage (or refinance) with unreal low monthly payments. Whether they are online or on TV, these ads,… Read More »