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Cash or Credit?

Credit Inquiries… why are they bad? ( part 1)

Let’s leave equipment financing alone for a bit and continue with our credit series. I had mentioned in my last credit post (about credit scores) that credit inquiries were bad for your credit. But the question as to “why” comes in – just why are credit inquiries bad for your credit score? Well, the answer is perception, plain… Read More »

The notebook vs. the computer – assessing credit risk

The other day, my computer crashed pretty hard. And between me frantically pushing keys and yelling at it, I thought “why do we even NEED these things?” Then I gave up, called IT, and waited. So I had time to think… Well, I came to the conclusion that yes, it’s good that we have computers, even if they… Read More »

Just what IS a good credit score?

You know, I realize I talk about some seriously smart, highbrow topics here in this blog. I mean, it’s so “up there” that my audience has to be incredibly up on finance and such, right? Ok, I’ll admit, my audience IS pretty finance savvy, but, as my wife reminds me, I’m no Rockefeller. I mean, my last post… Read More »

Reason #6 why an equipment financing company is better than a bank – Preserving Credit Availability

We’ve covered a lot so far in my “why an equipment financing company is better than the bank” series, and we’ll move into our second half today with reason 6, which is “preserving your credit availability”. Basically, what I mean by this is the fact that while I think an equipment financing company is MUCH better than the… Read More »

Reason #5 why an equipment financing company is better than a bank – Financial Statement Covenants

Let’s move forward in our “why an equipment financing company beats the bank” by hitting our halfway point. Reason #5 is a simple one that should hit home for most of you – it’s “Financial Statement Covenants” (or “peeking in your window to see what’s going on”). Ok, you say that doesn’t hit home because you don’t really… Read More »