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Cash or Credit?

Reason #3 an equipment financing company is better than the bank – we don’t want your first born (or your kid’s college fund) as collateral.

Let’s keep going with our ten reasons an equipment financing company is better than a bank with reason #3, which is cross-collateral (or as we like to say, your first born.) Ok, let me be honest – the bank probably doesn’t want your first born (especially if he or she is still in the diaper stage – yuck).… Read More »

An equipment financing company is easier to work with than the bank

SIMPLICITY! This is reason one of my ten-part series “why an equipment financing company beats the bank if you are looking to finance or lease equipment.” The fact of the matter is this – the simplicity of working with an equipment financing company trumps the painfully thick paperwork file the bank will want you to sort through. C’mon,… Read More »

Vendor / Lender equipment financing relationships – Vendor Recourse Programs

In previous posts, I discussed several types of “vendor – lender” business relationships (essentially, that’s the relationship between an equipment financing / equipment leasing company like mine, and our customers, the equipment manufacturers and distributors.) We already went over Referral Programs and Private Label Programs, and today, we’ll talk about the next level of the vendor-lender relationship: Vendor… Read More »

What is an equipment financing portfolio?

A few posts ago I mentioned that we had an equipment financing portfolio, and that the term would be fodder for a future blog post. Well here we are – let me explain what I mean by “equipment financing portfolio”. The truth is, every equipment financing company has an equipment financing portfolio. That’s because an equipment financing portfolio… Read More »

Why are credit card rates so high?

I get cornered at parties a lot and asked all kinds of financial questions. I guess if you work in any industry where “money” is involved, you become some kind of money expert. At least in the eyes of others. So the other day I get asked “Fletch, why are credit card rates so high, higher than things… Read More »