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You’ve Been Turned Down for an Equipment Loan – What Now?

Very often, small and medium businesses who’ve been turned down for an equipment loan don’t know what to do next. And since I work in the equipment financing industry, let me give a few pointers on what to do for companies who were turned down. First things first: If you were turned down by a bank, apply somewhere… Read More »

Crawling under a rock part 2: I can’t crawl under there – something is growing in front of it.

Fair warning – this post has little to do with equipment financing, equipment leasing, section 179, recession, depression, Obama, economic stimulus, or the price of tea in China (just in case you were wondering about that last part.) It’s actually a little touchy-feely, to be honest. Well, spring has sprung, and not a moment too soon.  I don’t… Read More »