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It’s Always a Good Time to Finance Equipment

When I posted about financing lab equipment last time out, I stated that it’s good to finance equipment that isn’t directly tied to profit. The thought being that if the equipment isn’t going to boost your bottom line right away, it’s clearly best to finance it over time. And while that is true, the reverse is also true.… Read More »

Time = Money… and equipment financing gives you both!!

Here I am, fresh off my epic “ten reasons why an equipment financing company is better than a bank”, when I thought about a theme that ran through several of the reasons, but didn’t get its own treatment (this is starting to sound like reason 11, isn’t it?) Anyway, that recurring theme I mention is TIME. Plain and… Read More »

Time… I think it might be running out

Ok, I’m not an alarmist, and I don’t really think time is running out. But I was looking at the calendar the other day and I realized “Whoa, the year is almost half over!! Wasn’t it seemingly yesterday that I just wished everyone a Happy New Year?” And it’s true – in my own mind, it was yesterday.… Read More »