Time = Money… and equipment financing gives you both!!

By | September 11, 2012

equipment leasing and fast approvals Here I am, fresh off my epic “ten reasons why an equipment financing company is better than a bank”, when I thought about a theme that ran through several of the reasons, but didn’t get its own treatment (this is starting to sound like reason 11, isn’t it?)

Anyway, that recurring theme I mention is TIME. Plain and simple, time is also an advantage when you use an equipment financing company. Mainly because we won’t waste your time.

In plain terms, here’s how an equipment financing company works: You come to our website, and fill out a quick application form. It literally will take you two minutes. Off of this form, we can give you an answer. If it’s “yes” (which it usually is), there’s another form or two (loan agreements, etc.), but again, it’s all very easy, and you can do it right from the comfort of your home. You need not dig out the last three year’s tax returns from the filing cabinet (or last decade’s, which means you have to go in the attic…. ugh). You also don’t have to come to our office (like you would your local bank), and then wait for Loan Officer Barbara, who is on break (again).

So basically, what I am saying is an equipment financing loan is something you can wrap up without ever leaving your house, and generally within a matter of hours (or at worst a day or two). This “time factor” is a big deal for a lot of companies – if they have good credit, they know they can get financing really fast, so there’s no need to prepare for a long finance period. You can take your time deciding on the correct equipment (which is where the time should be spent), because you know that your equipment lease can be had in a snap.

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