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The Summer Upgrade

Summer is right around the corner. Baseball, hot dogs, fireflies, the beach, 4th of July, etc. Summer is traditionally a slower time for many companies. Kids are out of school, there’s a lot of “after work” activity, plenty of families take vacations in the summer, and more. So staffs are shortened, and while plenty of business still gets… Read More »

So, just how big is a “small” business?

Ok, in my last few posts, I talked about how equipment financing companies tend to advertise their “biggest” name clients, but in reality, most of their customers are fairly small businesses. But that begs the question – just how big is a small business? What size business is it? Is it two people, ten people, 100 people? Or… Read More »

Time = Money… and equipment financing gives you both!!

Here I am, fresh off my epic “ten reasons why an equipment financing company is better than a bank”, when I thought about a theme that ran through several of the reasons, but didn’t get its own treatment (this is starting to sound like reason 11, isn’t it?) Anyway, that recurring theme I mention is TIME. Plain and… Read More »

Top Ten Reasons Recap – Yes, Equipment Financing Companies are better than the bank.

I spent the better part of this year blogging about “ten reasons why equipment financing companies are better than the bank”.  For a quick refresher, here’s the list, along with a comment or two. SIMPLICITY – We keep things simple – the bank doesn’t. UPFRONT COST – Our upfront cost is definitely lower. COLLATERAL – We have less… Read More »

More on Collateral

Awhile back, I posted about interest rates on loans and credit cards and such, and cited collateral as one of the influencers of interest rates. In general terms, I said the better the collateral, the better the interest rate (which is why credit card rates are so high – the collateral is terrible.) But there’s something I wanted… Read More »