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So, just how big is a “small” business?

Ok, in my last few posts, I talked about how equipment financing companies tend to advertise their “biggest” name clients, but in reality, most of their customers are fairly small businesses. But that begs the question – just how big is a small business? What size business is it? Is it two people, ten people, 100 people? Or… Read More »

Time = Money… and equipment financing gives you both!!

Here I am, fresh off my epic “ten reasons why an equipment financing company is better than a bank”, when I thought about a theme that ran through several of the reasons, but didn’t get its own treatment (this is starting to sound like reason 11, isn’t it?) Anyway, that recurring theme I mention is TIME. Plain and… Read More »

Top Ten Reasons Recap – Yes, Equipment Financing Companies are better than the bank.

I spent the better part of this year blogging about “ten reasons why equipment financing companies are better than the bank”.  For a quick refresher, here’s the list, along with a comment or two. SIMPLICITY – We keep things simple – the bank doesn’t. UPFRONT COST – Our upfront cost is definitely lower. COLLATERAL – We have less… Read More »

More on Collateral

Awhile back, I posted about interest rates on loans and credit cards and such, and cited collateral as one of the influencers of interest rates. In general terms, I said the better the collateral, the better the interest rate (which is why credit card rates are so high – the collateral is terrible.) But there’s something I wanted… Read More »

Signs you might need to change equipment financing partners

Ok, you have this nagging feeling that maybe things aren’t all that rosy with your equipment financing partner. Sales have been soft the last two years across the board, but still, something isn’t right. You just know it. And it’s starting to affect your bottom line, so something needs to be done. Here are a few warning signs… Read More »