Financing Soft Costs and Extras

By | December 23, 2023

We don’t mention this enough here at Crest Capital, but one thing that is a big advantage to our customers is our willingness to go over and above – both figuratively and literally.

financing or leasing this software can actually produce a positive cash flow right away.

Figuratively is our excellent service. But how we literally go “over and above” is by financing soft costs and extras. Indeed, a full 25% of your entire loan amount can be soft costs and extras. 

When you finance equipment anywhere else, there’s a good chance you’ll have to reach into your own pocket for these soft costs and extras. 

And what are these soft costs and extras that Crest will finance but others won’t? I’m happy the question came up – here’s a partial list:

  • Taxes – Uncle Sam wants his cut. Fortunately, Crest Capital can finance this part for you as well. 
  • Delivery – As the items you finance get larger, the chances of a delivery cost typically rise. We can handle that too (tipping the driver is on you though.)
  • Installation – Does your newly-financed equipment need to be professionally installed? Sometimes this carries a charge, which you can finance if you use us. 
  • Training – Some equipment has optional training you can purchase. We can include this as part of your deal.
  • Upgrades and AddOns – Does your equipment dealer offer the super cool deluxe package, but the bank only wants to finance the boring base model? Come to Crest Capital – we’ll get you the equipment you really want. 
  • Maintenance and Service Agreements – As equipment gets more technologically sophisticated and complicated, the need for routine maintenance and extended warranty service agreements rises. We can include these in your deal as well.

So yes, soft-cost financing is definitely something that most borrowers are interested in. And again, with Crest Capital, a full 25% of your deal can be soft costs that you’d normally pay out of pocket for. This allows you to leave your wallet at home (well, like I stated, just bring enough for a tip – we don’t finance that!)  

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