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Bank Restrictions Jail

I’m not really a salesperson at heart, but whenever I talk with a small business owner, I’m probably going to bring up equipment financing. Not so much because I want to bring another client on board (but that never hurts), but more because I truly believe in it. Equipment financing / equipment leasing are far and away the… Read More »

It’s Always a Good Time to Finance Equipment

When I posted about financing lab equipment last time out, I stated that it’s good to finance equipment that isn’t directly tied to profit. The thought being that if the equipment isn’t going to boost your bottom line right away, it’s clearly best to finance it over time. And while that is true, the reverse is also true.… Read More »

Financing odd stuff

I just had a giant tree cut down at my house. An 80’ tall White Oak – it was growing right next to the house. I figured it to be at least 100 years old (probably more). I’m not one to just get rid of something so majestic, but it always made me a bit nervous being so… Read More »