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Bank Restrictions Jail

I’m not really a salesperson at heart, but whenever I talk with a small business owner, I’m probably going to bring up equipment financing. Not so much because I want to bring another client on board (but that never hurts), but more because I truly believe in it. Equipment financing / equipment leasing are far and away the… Read More »

Equipment Leases – The $1 Buyout Lease

Let’s continue the lease discussion I’ve been doing the past few posts by discussing “what is a $1 buyout lease?” To recap, we talked about leasing in an overall sense, talked about capital leases vs. operating leases, and even discussed leasing vs. financing. Now we’re into the individual leases, and like stated above, we’ll do the most popular… Read More »

Equipment Leases – Capital Lease vs. Loan

I’ve been talking about leases recently, and we’ll continue that today. But I wanted to answer a question I got via e-mail regarding leasing. Here’s the question: Hi Fletch, In a recent blog, you talked about a $1 buyout lease and other Capital Leases, where at the end of the lease, the company then buys the equipment for… Read More »

Equipment leases – different types

I’m going to talk a little bit more about equipment leasing, and the different types of leases. I’ve mentioned bits and parts of this before in this blog, but it’s good to revisit these things from time to time for newer readers. For this post, I’ll list each type of equipment lease and a very basic description, and… Read More »

So, what should you look for in a financing partner? (part 3)

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you had a great holiday season, and I hope you got your Section 179 deduction in as well (and if you didn’t, you can be sure I’ll remind you many times here in 2014). But for now, let’s continue on with my “what you should look for in a finance partner” series. If… Read More »