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It’s Always a Good Time to Finance Equipment

When I posted about financing lab equipment last time out, I stated that it’s good to finance equipment that isn’t directly tied to profit. The thought being that if the equipment isn’t going to boost your bottom line right away, it’s clearly best to finance it over time. And while that is true, the reverse is also true.… Read More »

2009 Trends – Cash is King

Staying on the New Year theme, I’d like to discuss a trend or two that I am already seeing (well, events from last year are forming these opinions as well – I don’t want you to think I’m forming these opinions after a week or two.) But different from my last post, these aren’t “predictions”, but things that… Read More »

A debate question I'd like to ask the candidates

So let’s pretend I’m sitting up there with the presidential debate moderators. Or, if you have a hard time picturing me there, pretend I snuck in (this is far more likely) and get picked to ask a question for Barack Obama and John McCain to debate. What would it be? Perhaps some intricate question on the socioeconomic challenges… Read More »

Looking to save a few bucks? Finance used equipment instead of new

Driving down the road the other day, I saw some fuel prices that were well over $4 per gallon. Ok, it was diesel, but even the high-test gasoline was close to $3.80, and regular unleaded was $3.60. And from all indications, it’s going higher (this means we probably won’t be driving out to my mother-in-laws as often, what… Read More »