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Two Extremes of Business Communication

I have a lot of equipment financing clients that I’ve known for years. Whenever we discuss business, the conversation usually starts with personal stuff, how’s the family, how are things going, etc.  I conversed with two last week, and it struck me how different they are in communication preferences. Client one, who we’ll call John, is old school.… Read More »

Fletch Is a Prediction Machine

Just had to mention this: for those of you keeping score, Fletch is on a serious roll. I’ve now picked three pro championships in a row. Last January, I picked both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Cubs to win their respective titles in 2016. Both won. Next up on the pro sports calendar was the Superbowl, which… Read More »

Fletch Predicts

Welcome to 2017! I hope you had a great New Year, and I also hope you are ready for 2017’s edition of “Fletch Predicts”. First off, if you read last year’s, you know where I’m starting – your equipment financing and Section 179 maven correctly predicted both the Cavs and the Cubs winning their respective championships. This was… Read More »