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Time Marches On (and that’s a good thing right now)

Ok, let’s continue a bit with the “better times coming” theme I’ve been on lately (my wife tells me that besides being a top notch equipment financing guy, I’m also I’m a silver-lining type person… ok, I’m making up the first part – she really doesn’t care about my equipment financing prowess – but she does think I… Read More »

Mailbag – No, credit isn’t responsible.

  Let’s answer an e-mail question: Dear Fletch, I read a few of your posts where you essentially make sure your readers know that equipment financing is a good thing, and that you’re still here financing equipment while banks pull back. Ok, maybe so, but isn’t “credit” the reason we’re in this mess in the first place? And… Read More »

Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 Expenditures Part Two

Recently, I told you how my wife and I were looking into spending our Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 checks. I want to give a short update in that regards (we’ll get back to equipment finance and the like next time & I know you’re all waiting with baited breath.) Anyway, I went ahead and purchased my grill.… Read More »

So what are you spending your economic stimulus check on??

There were definitely some high-level negotiations in the Fletcher household this week. My wife and I were discussing the economic stimulus act of 2008, or, more specifically, what we were going to spend our checks on. We’re getting $600 each, but had very different viewpoints. My wife wants to do something smart (yet boring), like pay bills, or… Read More »

Looking to save a few bucks? Finance used equipment instead of new

Driving down the road the other day, I saw some fuel prices that were well over $4 per gallon. Ok, it was diesel, but even the high-test gasoline was close to $3.80, and regular unleaded was $3.60. And from all indications, it’s going higher (this means we probably won’t be driving out to my mother-in-laws as often, what… Read More »