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Section 179 – back again

Ok, it’s been awhile – I can talk about Section 179 again. Because it’s back, baby!! Just this week, congress passed a job-creation / tax cuts bill that’s aimed at rewarding businesses who hire new people. Called The Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act (or HIRE – clever, huh?), it seeks to give tax breaks (in the form… Read More »

What a difference a year makes…

  Now that 2010 (and a new decade) has begun, I’ve definitely noticed a stark difference from last year in regards to “the mood” of the business world (because I’m in the equipment financing business, I definitely have my finger on the pulse of small and medium sized businesses.) Last year, there was a ton of fear –… Read More »

New Year’s Predictions

I did this last year, and looking back, I was right about a lot of things. The Dow finished a little higher than I thought, but the Yankees did win the World Series like I predicted (and the Red Wings made the finals.) And a lot of my other economic predictions came true in one form or another.… Read More »