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Banks Trashed Your Credit and Spamming You? Well, You Asked For It.

If you watch TV at all, you’ve probably seen the numerous commercials claiming to let banks and lending companies “compete” to give you the lowest possible rate. You may have also seen online banner ads proclaiming they can get you a mortgage (or refinance) with unreal low monthly payments. Whether they are online or on TV, these ads,… Read More »

The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 and Section 179

There were big changes last week in section 179 of the US Tax code. If you recall, that’s the Hummer tax break that I wrote about here. Essentially, it allows a business to buy equipment and write off the entire amount (up to certain limits.) Well, last week, the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 went into effect. You… Read More »

Equipment Financing Made Simple

Since I work in equipment financing, I’m often asked “Hey Chris, what are some of the advantages of using an equipment financing company over a traditional bank?” There are a lot of answers to that question, all of which I’m sure to go over at some point. But for today, lets start right at the beginning- at the… Read More »

An S-Corporation Tax Question

Today’s topic has to do with S Corporations and taxes. This is more of a ‘corner me at the party’ type topic, but since I work in financing and leasing (hence the clever “Lease Guy” moniker), I have to have a broad base of knowledge in regards to taxes and the like (well, I like to think so,… Read More »

Automobile Financing- Buying vs. Leasing (Overview)

Automobile Financing- Buying vs. Leasing (Overview)kjljkl This week I’m going to start a series on automobile financing and automobile leasing. This will need to be a series because there is just so much information in regards to buying vs. leasing that it could fill a book (tax advantages, which is best for a particular type of business, different… Read More »