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Fletch Predictions for 2015

Ok, we’re a few weeks into 2015, which means it’s time for Fletch Predicts!! I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and have had an uncanny ability to get extremely lucky with some really “out there” predictions (I will forever hang my hat on that Eli Manning thing, to the point where I’m mentioning it every… Read More »

Holiday Poem

Let’s do a little poem for the holidays… Twas a night in December In an office on a hill Where the executives all gathered With their accountant named Bill “Your taxes are too high” Said Bill with a frown We have nothing to claim To bring the number down “But what can we do?” The executive VP did… Read More »

Fletch Predictions for 2014

As my regular readers know, I always do a prediction post early in the New Year – and today’s the day for 2014. In looking back over my old posts, I have been pretty good at this. I’ve predicted increases in Section 179, and I not only predicted the 2012 super bowl, but also said Eli Manning will… Read More »

When looking to offer business credit, watch out for lead aggregators

In my position, I talk to many business owners who manufacturer, distribute, or otherwise sell equipment. And most of them are small enough that they really don’t have an in-house financing department. Meaning their B2B customers pay cash (or otherwise arrange their own equipment financing.) Naturally, these companies would like to offer credit. So they look on the… Read More »

Fletch’s 2012 Year in Review

Here we are, at the end of 2012. The holidays are upon us, and the parties are in full swing. And since you are reading this, it’s clear the world didn’t end on 12/21/2012. The Mayans probably just ran out of paper (or stone tablets or whatever they used.) It was a rather ho-hum year, dominated by an… Read More »