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Business Implications of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

H.R.1, aka the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed, and it means some sweeping changes for businesses. Now I’m not going to comment on the other aspects of the bill, like Health Care, bracket changes for individuals, how much it means to a family of four, and similar. You can find strong opinions on that everywhere online, with… Read More »

Make sure the equipment you are financing is good quality

I’ve recently talked about rates and levels of credit risk, and how those levels of risk can affect the rate a person or company pays. But there’s another “risk” that an equipment financing company like mine takes when we finance any type of equipment – what if the equipment is a piece of junk? Thankfully, that doesn’t happen… Read More »

Reason #8 why an equipment financing company is better than a bank: Accounting and Tax – Your accountant will love us

I want to continue forward in our series of why an equipment finance company is better than a bank. But first, I want to talk about Mel. Mel was a guy I knew at one of my old jobs way back when. In fact, Mel was the head of accounting. I was in purchasing or something like that… Read More »