Holiday Poem

By | December 21, 2014

Let’s do a little poem for the holidays…equipment finance holiday poem section 179 increase

Twas a night in December
In an office on a hill
Where the executives all gathered
With their accountant named Bill

“Your taxes are too high”
Said Bill with a frown
We have nothing to claim
To bring the number down

“But what can we do?”
The executive VP did vent
Our profits were strong
And into the bank they went

We were told to curb expenses
So the old equipment we did use
Yes, it needed some duct tape
(that’s how Jim got that bruise)

“I have an idea”
said a voice from the right
The executives turned around
To see an intern bathed in light

We can replace the old equipment now
And here’s the part that’s divine
We can write the entire cost off
Thanks to Section 179

The executives all smiled
So wide they almost burst
But intern continued
“You need to act by December 31st“

The executives took action
A plan they did sketch
All because they listened
To an intern named Fletch

And that’s how I got my start. Ok, maybe the “bathed in light” part is a bit much. But it was a good poem, right? Have a great holiday, everyone. And remember, get those Section 179 equipment purchases in (and operational) by the deadline, which is midnight, 12/31.

See you in 2015!

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