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Partial Business Use Vehicles – What Are the Rules?

Let’s talk about partial business-use vehicles for a moment or three. Because we get asked about this a lot.  Most of the questions are tax-related, and we can’t give official tax advice. But there are tax deductions for partial business-use vehicles, and most of them follow the same rules, which I’ll outline here. The big rule is how… Read More »

Business Vehicle Insurance – Some Details

In my last post I mentioned business vehicles and insurance, and that you really need a commercial business vehicle policy. And to me, there’s no negotiation on that – doing business without it is way too risky. But just “why” do you need a commercial auto policy for a business vehicle? Here are a few reasons: There are… Read More »

Business Vehicle Insurance – Overview

I was talking with an old friend the other day who has a successful landscaping company. And the subject of business vehicle insurance came up, and how he almost learned the hard way how important it is.  Let’s back up about 15 years – my buddy decided to start a landscaping business, and like many others, basically went… Read More »

It’s Not Used – It’s Preowned

My last post on used equipment financing spurred a recent memory. Mrs. Fletch and I were shopping for a vehicle awhile back, and we were undecided on whether we should buy a new or a used car. There were plusses and minuses to each, so we decided to look at both. We went to the local dealership, test… Read More »