Eroding the Mountain of Paperwork

By | November 7, 2019

One thing we’re very proud of at Crest Capital is the minimal amount of paperwork we both require, and generate.

Time was when equipment financing was ALL paper-based. You filled out a paper application, you usually got an answer via another piece of paper, if you were approved everything was put on paper for you to sign, and a paper check was cut.

And that’s if you used us. If you went to the bank instead, you can add the years of financial statements they’d want to see (all paper). 

And this is still true today – we hear from customers all the time that the bank wanted a hard copy of an old tax return that was long since filed under “we’ll never use this again.”  

Contrary to that, we’ve made everything virtually paperless. And simple. Here’s how:

  • You can apply for financing online. Oh, and for any financing under 250k, you don’t need any paperwork or financial statements. We can give you an answer electronically too. 
  • You can electronically sign your finance agreement.
  • We can EFT the funds to your equipment vendor.

See a theme? NO PAPER.

Of course, we can do paper if you want. There are many customers that would prefer a hard copy to read and fill out, and we completely understand that and accommodate them.

That said, the best part about paperless (besides the obvious) is the speed involved. We’ve always been fast, even when we used paper for everything, but the speed has markedly increased with fewer “paper steps”. The above bullet-pointed list can be accomplished in about a business day, and that’s only because banks typically take that long to wire funds. 

We’re proud of reducing the paperwork needed to finance equipment, and will always continue to innovate. Maybe in 20 years, a few clicks, and a drone shows up with your new equipment. We can dream!  

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