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“Advice” heavily emphasized

One more Section 179 Post

I have to do this one more time, and remind you that the Section 179 clock is about to expire on 2011. Once that second hand sweeps past Midnight on 12/31/2011, it’s over, and we’re then into the 2012 Section 179 season. So here’s what this means – if you want that fat Section 179 tax deduction to… Read More »

Section 179 – it’s getting late

I know I talk about Section 179 quite often, but now it takes on a little more significance, because the year is almost over. If you’ve read this blog at all over the years, you know Section 179 is a year to year thing, ending on midnight, December 31. When that clock strikes 12, your equipment must have… Read More »

Section 179 yet again

I just realized I’ve gone a few months without a Section 179 post, which is rather un-Fletch like. Because as much as I love equipment financing, I really love Section 179 – I think it’s the greatest tool for business since… well… ever, really. I mean, think about it – the government will actually give you back money… Read More »

Tax Day Special! – Section 179 for 2011

It’s Tax Day!! One of my favorite days of the year (ok, that officially makes me a little odd, but readers of this blog already expect that – I just get giddy about financing, taxes, and all things Section 179.) So, being that it’s Tax Day, let’s expand on that last point and discuss Section 179. Tax Day… Read More »

The difference between a tax deduction and a tax credit

I was asked the following question via e-mail the other day: Hey Fletch, Forgive my ignorance, but you keep calling Section 179 a tax deduction, while you called the ITC a “tax credit”. What is the difference (if any)?     Good question – a lot of people get confused by this, as they are definitely different. Here’s… Read More »