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Some good news, and a Section 179 reminder

We’ve heard some good economic news lately, like how the GDP fell quite a bit less than expected (which means we’re back on the way up), and the fact that stock market continues to hold its own. This pleases me to read, because like everyone else, I just get sick and tired of dire economic news. There is… Read More »

Equipment Leasing and Paying Taxes (or else…)

This post is about equipment finances and taxes, but it’s probably not in the way you think. See, usually when I write about something like this, it’s about the tax advantages of leasing equipment, or maybe about leasing tax write offs, or some other issue about taxes and leasing. But not this time – this is a little… Read More »

A Little Good News for Small Businesses in 2009!

Although most small business people are skeptical anyone other than the major banks, automakers, and the lucky few special interest groups will get much benefit from the massive spending proposed in the Economic Stimulus Bill of 2009 – there is at least one very bright spot! Increased Section 179 limits expected to be extended thru 12-31-2009 The increased… Read More »

The Most Controversial Tax Codes

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that there’s nothing we can all agree on, and nowhere is this as true as when we talk about taxes. Are tax cuts good? Bad? Should we make it easier for cash-strapped folks to buy houses, or harder for them to spend money they don’t have? The following… Read More »

Equipment Financing Mailbag

Sometimes, I get e-mail comments to my blog posts. The Section 179 posts in particular got some comments. These are always friendly discussions, mind you, and typically fairly short, as I usually just try to further clarify my point. Recently, I got the following in my inbox, and I thought it might be interesting to post it here,… Read More »