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Here’s Some Great Tax Advice – Hire an Accountant

Today is January 17th, meaning there are less than three months remaining until tax day (forgive me, but us finance guys treat tax day like a major holiday. Now that I think about it, maybe this is why we don’t ever get invited anywhere). Anyway, being that I am a finance guy, every tax season, I get asked… Read More »

There’s still time to lower your 2007 tax bill

With the holiday season in full bloom, and the New Year right around the corner, most businesses have fallen into that ‘Friday afternoon’ stage of the year. It’s time to reflect, retool, restock, and revel (although you may want to do your reveling after work!) I want to add one more word to that, re-check. As in re-check… Read More »

The Tax Code that Drove Al Gore Insane!!!

Did you ever wonder why so many small business owners drive large SUV’s? It’s not because they need a big vehicle to project a big image or that they are trying to drive Al Gore crazy. Nor is it because they are selfish, environmentally-unfriendly individuals who would just as soon run over a spotted owl on their way… Read More »

Using Online Tax Calculators

Just like someone who can’t resist snooping Holiday gifts, there are millions of people who want to know as soon as possible how much they will get back on their taxes (or, how much they will owe, which is the IRS equivalent to excitedly opening your biggest, shiniest present; only to find it held a grow- from-home pickle… Read More »

Get the IRS to Pay for Your Mac

OSX & Windows in One Box- A Web Developers Dream Ever since apple began using Intel Chips, their computers have been an even hotter buy for programmers, graphic designers, and most web people (other than adult entertainment.) Being able to code or design using OSX and testing with parallels and windows puts everything you need for the web… Read More »