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Why Small Business Owners Drive Large SUVs: Unveiling the Benefits of Section 179

Have you ever wondered why many small business owners drive large SUVs? It’s not about projecting an imposing image or being environmentally indifferent. Rather, it boils down to a single reason: the IRS has made it financially advantageous via a provision called Section 179 of the US Tax Code. Understanding Section 179 Section 179 is a lesser-known incentive… Read More »

Using Online Tax Calculators

Just like someone who can’t resist snooping Holiday gifts, there are millions of people who want to know as soon as possible how much they will get back on their taxes (or, how much they will owe, which is the IRS equivalent to excitedly opening your biggest, shiniest present; only to find it held a grow- from-home pickle… Read More »

Section 179

Hello there! Let’s make your day a bit brighter by discussing a very special part of the US IRS Tax Code, Section 179. Yes, you read that right – tax code can be exciting, especially when it benefits your business! No need to go hunting for sections 1 through 178, we’ve got what you need right here. Welcome… Read More »