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Used Heavy Equipment Financing

My last post discussed construction equipment and how it’s not only revenue-generating but also holds its value relatively well. So a natural segue would be to discuss used heavy equipment financing, which I’m going to do here. Used heavy equipment financing is something Crest Capital has done for more than 30 years and remains one of our core… Read More »

Financing to Save Money – Literally!

As I write this, we’re right in the middle of the COVID-19… crisis? Situation? Quarantine? Whatever you want to call it, we’re all living it. Predictably, a lot of business activity has paused. With many businesses forced to shut down for a few weeks, it’s only normal that some companies put expansion or improvements on hold for a… Read More »

The Easy Way to Think About Section 179

As you know, I write about Section 179 a lot. Because it’s an excellent way for businesses to acquire equipment, and can really save a company a lot of money. But sometimes, I get frustrated with how Section 179 is often presented. I’m a plain-language guy, and once something starts to sound too much like an advanced-level economics… Read More »