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Used Heavy Equipment Financing

My last post discussed construction equipment and how it’s not only revenue-generating but also holds its value relatively well. So a natural segue would be to discuss used heavy equipment financing, which I’m going to do here. Used heavy equipment financing is something Crest Capital has done for more than 30 years and remains one of our core… Read More »

Private Party Equipment Financing – Does Any Lender Do This?

Here’s another email I got from a prospective (and now) client. They were asking if we could finance a piece of equipment from a private party seller. And he was elated when our answer was “we’ll take a look” instead of a flat-out “no”. The reason he was elated is because this type of transaction is typically an… Read More »

Reasons to Finance Equipment in 2022 – Section 179

One more reason to finance equipment in 2022 is my old favorite, Section 179. It makes more sense than ever to take advantage of Section 179. All you have to do is read my past few blog posts – there you find talk of rate increases, record inflation, increased lead times, and even used equipment costing more.  All… Read More »