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Summertime Section 179

Let’s talk about Section 179 and equipment financing for a few minutes. Because the 2019 calendar says summer is here, and that means something very special.  It means that if you finance equipment and take the Section 179 deduction, you will likely save MORE in taxes than you will pay out in monthly payments for the rest of… Read More »

Fletch’s Holiday 2012 Wish List

The holidays are here, and here’s my wish list for 2012: I wish for a better 2013 in terms of the economy. Listen, I know things have been rough, and I know some people think we’re slowly recovering, but the fact is, for many companies, business is fairly stagnant. I really would like to see a better 2013… Read More »

Tax Day Special! – Section 179 for 2011

It’s Tax Day!! One of my favorite days of the year (ok, that officially makes me a little odd, but readers of this blog already expect that – I just get giddy about financing, taxes, and all things Section 179.) So, being that it’s Tax Day, let’s expand on that last point and discuss Section 179. Tax Day… Read More »

Section 179 is in the news again

BIG TIME good news – Section 179 is back, and it’s back with a vengeance!! On September 27th, 2010, HR 5279 (aka The Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010) was passed, and it contained some MAJOR changes in regards to Section 179. In effect, it raised the limits, it brought back an old friend, and it extended… Read More »