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The Section 179 Bomb

Ok, the dust has settled, the holidays are over, and I have some time to discuss Section 179. As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, Section 179 got a big boost from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. But I felt like I had to write about all of the major business aspects of the… Read More »

We’re entering the Section 179 homestretch, folks!

Autumn is now in full swing, meaning the year is coming to an end. Have you made your Section 179 plans yet? You definitely should. As you probably know, Section 179 (the “buy equipment and get a sweet tax break” tax deduction) got a nice boost this year. In fact, the maximum deduction this year has been raised… Read More »

Fletch’s Mailbag – why don’t they just leave Section 179 alone?

I got the following e-mail the other day: Hi Fletch, I’ve been reading you for three years now, and I notice you go on and on about Section 179. You’re saying get it now, because it might go away. You cheer when it gets renewed, and you moan when it goes down, again and again. Rinse/repeat. So my… Read More »