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Sellers of equipment, vehicles, and software… pay attention

Choosing a new equipment financing partner

I posted earlier this year a few things about “equipment financing as marketing”, “captive financing”, and other “manufacturer-based” equipment financing posts. The general theme of these posts was that offering financing on equipment was a good sales tool, and the choice of equipment financing partners mattered. So let’s say you want to get on board, and choose an… Read More »

Signs you might need to change equipment financing partners

Ok, you have this nagging feeling that maybe things aren’t all that rosy with your equipment financing partner. Sales have been soft the last two years across the board, but still, something isn’t right. You just know it. And it’s starting to affect your bottom line, so something needs to be done. Here are a few warning signs… Read More »

Equipment financing partners are not equal

I recently talked about “captive financing” and how many companies are turning to equipment financing companies instead. Today, I’m going to stay on that same general theme, but instead talk about when you already have an equipment financing partner. Let’s say you have an equipment financing company that you partner with. For years, it’s been a cozy, mutually… Read More »