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The Need for New Equipment is Not Always Predictable

I often talk about the advantages of financing equipment with an equipment financing company over the bank. One key advantage is that we do not require blanket liens or minimum balances kept in the bank. The lack of these two particular restrictions on an equipment loan allows companies to be very nimble, and get more financing quickly and… Read More »

Flexibility in equipment financing

In my last blog, I wrote about choosing a new equipment financing partner, and certain things you should look for. One of those things was “flexibility in equipment financing”, and it occurred to me that this is a pretty deep topic, and worthy of a separate post. When I say flexibility, I am talking about a few things.… Read More »

Choosing a new equipment financing partner

I posted earlier this year a few things about “equipment financing as marketing”, “captive financing”, and other “manufacturer-based” equipment financing posts. The general theme of these posts was that offering financing on equipment was a good sales tool, and the choice of equipment financing partners mattered. So let’s say you want to get on board, and choose an… Read More »