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An equipment financing company is easier to work with than the bank

SIMPLICITY! This is reason one of my ten-part series “why an equipment financing company beats the bank if you are looking to finance or lease equipment.” The fact of the matter is this – the simplicity of working with an equipment financing company trumps the painfully thick paperwork file the bank will want you to sort through. C’mon,… Read More »

Did you miss Section 179? Well, don’t miss it again

I know, I know, I harp on Section 179 all the time. I tell you to take advantage of it, or you may miss out. You read that so much here, you must think I’m a broken record (insert joke again about nobody knowing what that will mean in a few years…) But seriously, I say it all… Read More »

Vender-Lender Equipment Financing Relationships – Captive Programs

Ok, in our little vendor / lender equipment financing relationship series, we’ve come to the final one – captive programs. If you recall, the first three were Referral Programs, Private Label Programs, and Vendor Recourse programs. Also, if you’ve been following along, you’ll also notice they all have an increasing amount of vendor responsibility and risk. A referral… Read More »

Credit = Sales. Never forget that.

I’ve talked before about how offering credit / equipment financing can actually be a form of marketing, and I’d like to return to that today. Because today, with the economy fairly stagnant, offering equipment leases / payment terms might very well set you above your competition. Let me tell you a quick story. When I was a kid,… Read More »

Another 2011 prediction – Inflation

Ok, before I go into this post, I want to make sure we all understand something: I do not have anything to do with the economy or interest rates or the like. I’m an equipment financing guy, so in terms of the big picture, nobody listens to me. And unlike Alan Greenspan in the late 90’s, the size… Read More »