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What makes an equipment finance rate?

I’d like to talk a little bit about rates today. Because, in a way, a rate, particularly on equipment financing, is the “price tag” of the deal. Just as one compares prices between stores, one compares rates when shopping for equipment financing.  But it can be misleading. Here’s why: In theory, with most commercial equipment lending, all rates… Read More »

What’s NOT hot in equipment financing (Part 1)

So now that summer is in full swing, I thought this would be an appropriate time to talk about what’s not hot in equipment financing (you know, summer is hot, so it’s incredibly clever if I talk about what’s not hot… right? No? Ok, so there’s no career for me in standup comedy.) Seriously, I do this every… Read More »

What’s hot in equipment financing (Part 2)

Let’s continue on my “what’s hot (and not) in equipment financing” series. This is part 2 of the “hot” side (insert McDonald’s McDLT joke here… only some of you get that, right?) Anyway, here are some more industries that are “hot” in leasing equipment: Vocational Vehicles are hot. What I mean by “vocational vehicles” are trucks and such… Read More »

Credit Inquiries… why are they bad? (part 2)

Last time out, I talked about your credit score and why inquiries were bad for it. But at the very end, you asked the question (well, wait… actually I asked the question, but since I was writing as if we were talking and assumed you would ask… ok, never mind, I’m confusing myself – stay with me here.)… Read More »

Just what IS a good credit score?

You know, I realize I talk about some seriously smart, highbrow topics here in this blog. I mean, it’s so “up there” that my audience has to be incredibly up on finance and such, right? Ok, I’ll admit, my audience IS pretty finance savvy, but, as my wife reminds me, I’m no Rockefeller. I mean, my last post… Read More »