It’s a Question of Closing

By | February 4, 2020

I’ve spent the last few posts discussing companies offering financing to their customers. It’s easy, it’s profitable, and it’s become very necessary.


However, there are some people that are still not convinced. They don’t see how offering financing can help them. I can hear them now: “I don’t care how my customers get the money.” (I’ve heard that).

If you’ve ever thought something like that, you really should care. And if you don’t believe me, please, ask your salespeople. Because financing is a serious deal closer.

All good salespeople are always on the lookout for what they call “closing questions”. These are questions that a prospect asks that indicate interest. Here are a few examples:

“Does it come in red?”

“Can I get the chrome trim?”

“What options does it have?”

And so on. All of these questions, and questions like them, indicate interest. And a good salesperson will answer them and work towards asking for the order.

But there are a subset of closing questions that not only indicate interest, they indicate SERIOUS interest. These questions pertain to dollars and cents. Things like:

“Is there a delivery charge?”

“Do you know if this equipment is Section 179 eligible?”

And the biggie: “Do you offer financing?”

In fact, “do you offer financing” is without a doubt the strongest indication of interest there is. A competent salesperson will jump all over that, as well they should. The sale is as good as closed.

Well, an addendum: the sale is only closed if you offer financing. If you don’t, your salespeople do NOT want to hear that question. 

Again, remember that I’m not talking about YOU offering financing literally. I’m instead saying you offer financing by partnering with a company like mine. WE provide the financing – you are simply playing matchmaker, with your “closed sale” as the introduction.  Oh, and you get paid in full for that sale right away. You already knew that from my other posts, but it’s worth repeating.

So yes, it’s a question of closing. Talk to your salespeople – they’ll tell you. 

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