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When looking to offer business credit, watch out for lead aggregators

In my position, I talk to many business owners who manufacturer, distribute, or otherwise sell equipment. And most of them are small enough that they really don’t have an in-house financing department. Meaning their B2B customers pay cash (or otherwise arrange their own equipment financing.) Naturally, these companies would like to offer credit. So they look on the… Read More »

Credit Inquiries… why are they bad? ( part 1)

Let’s leave equipment financing alone for a bit and continue with our credit series. I had mentioned in my last credit post (about credit scores) that credit inquiries were bad for your credit. But the question as to “why” comes in – just why are credit inquiries bad for your credit score? Well, the answer is perception, plain… Read More »

From the mailbag – What’s NOT hot in equipment financing…

The last post I did was about what’s hot in business trends / equipment financing, so it’s logical to follow that up with a post about what’s NOT hot in equipment financing. These posts were a response to an e-mail question from a reader who thought that an equipment financing specialist would have good stock tips. And while… Read More »

Another Section 179 Reminder

As the holidays loom closer, and we wind the year down, I want to give business owners yet another reminder that Section 179 is something that should be definitely on their minds/calendars. Especially since the economy has shown signs of life. In fact, I would wager that if new (or even used) equipment is something your business can… Read More »