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One of the few tax deductions that really work for small business

Crawling under a rock part 2: I can’t crawl under there – something is growing in front of it.

Fair warning – this post has little to do with equipment financing, equipment leasing, section 179, recession, depression, Obama, economic stimulus, or the price of tea in China (just in case you were wondering about that last part.) It’s actually a little touchy-feely, to be honest. Well, spring has sprung, and not a moment too soon.  I don’t… Read More »

A Little Good News for Small Businesses in 2009!

Although most small business people are skeptical anyone other than the major banks, automakers, and the lucky few special interest groups will get much benefit from the massive spending proposed in the Economic Stimulus Bill of 2009 – there is at least one very bright spot! Increased Section 179 limits expected to be extended thru 12-31-2009 The increased… Read More »

How was your year? (another Section 179 post)

2008 was interesting, wasn’t it? We had an historic election, we had $4 a gallon gas (thankfully only for a short time), we had a huge bailout of the financial industry, we had a credit crunch, and the sky fell, too. Ok, the last part is fake, but geez, you’d think the sky fell by watching the news.… Read More »

Get moving on Section 179

  If you’ve read here at all this year, you know that I champion businesses taking advantage of the Section 179 tax deduction. And here in the final few weeks of 2008, I’m going to champion it some more, because there’s scant time left for you to take advantage of this deduction for the current tax year. See,… Read More »

A debate question I'd like to ask the candidates

So let’s pretend I’m sitting up there with the presidential debate moderators. Or, if you have a hard time picturing me there, pretend I snuck in (this is far more likely) and get picked to ask a question for Barack Obama and John McCain to debate. What would it be? Perhaps some intricate question on the socioeconomic challenges… Read More »