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Equipment financing companies and who they finance (part 1)

One thing I always pay attention to is equipment financing companies and their websites / marketing (both my own company’s website and the competition.) And you know, I’ve noticed a funny thing: unless my company is alone on an island, it would seem that everybody else only finances equipment for big companies. Really, looking on some competitor websites,… Read More »

What’s hot in equipment financing (Part 2)

Let’s continue on my “what’s hot (and not) in equipment financing” series. This is part 2 of the “hot” side (insert McDonald’s McDLT joke here… only some of you get that, right?) Anyway, here are some more industries that are “hot” in leasing equipment: Vocational Vehicles are hot. What I mean by “vocational vehicles” are trucks and such… Read More »

Reason #2 an equipment financing company is better than the bank – the Upfront Costs are lower.

We’re continuing with our “ten reasons an equipment financing company is better than the bank” series today with the second reason – and that reason is that upfront costs are lower. So there you are, contemplating financing a new (or even used) piece of equipment. You’re financing this equipment because like many companies, you’d rather keep your cash… Read More »