Equipment financing companies and who they finance (part 1)

By | September 16, 2013

financing equipment for big companiesOne thing I always pay attention to is equipment financing companies and their websites / marketing (both my own company’s website and the competition.)

And you know, I’ve noticed a funny thing: unless my company is alone on an island, it would seem that everybody else only finances equipment for big companies.

Really, looking on some competitor websites, I am astounded by the number of Fortune 500® logos I see. So these companies seem to be saying “We financed Proctor and Gamble, and the Bank of America. Microsoft too… really, when Microsoft needed new chairs, Bill Gates himself turned to us, and we financed him!!” (Obviously, that’s a bit of a stretch. Bill Gates could probably furnish the company with new chairs just from the change under his couch pillows, but I digress.)

But it does strike me as odd, because I’ve been in this business a long time, and know plenty of other people in this industry. And do you know who makes up the huge majority of equipment financing clients? Joe’s Auto Parts, that’s who.

Ok, maybe not exactly Joe and his company (he’s only one guy, after all), but you know what I mean. Small to medium-sized businesses make up the bulk of equipment financing customers. Companies with anywhere between 5 and 75 people make up approximately 90% of all equipment financing customers. And while 75 people is a nice sized business, it’s hardly Microsoft.

This makes me wonder a little bit regarding advertising and marketing. Is this name dropping actually helping sales, or does it frighten people? Because if you work with Conglomerate Inc. and do million dollar deals, are you going to laugh at my little request for $25,000 worth of Auto Parts store fixtures?

Well, I say call me, Joe. I won’t laugh at all. Especially if you won’t laugh when I tell you I don’t know where my air filter is in my engine.


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