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Vender-Lender Equipment Financing Relationships – Captive Programs

Ok, in our little vendor / lender equipment financing relationship series, we’ve come to the final one – captive programs. If you recall, the first three were Referral Programs, Private Label Programs, and Vendor Recourse programs. Also, if you’ve been following along, you’ll also notice they all have an increasing amount of vendor responsibility and risk. A referral… Read More »

Vendor/Lender Equipment Financing Relationships – Private Label Programs

Awhile back, I mentioned 4 different types of equipment financing relationships between vendors and lenders. Let’s continue forward on that these and look at the second type of vendor/lender equipment financing agreement – Private Label Programs. Private label programs are one step beyond the “equipment financing provided by X” referral programs I had written about earlier. With a… Read More »

Vendor/Lender Equipment Financing Relationships – Referral Programs

Continuing our journey into the different types of vendor/lender equipment financing relationships, let’s take a look at the first one I mentioned earlier:  Referral Programs. A simple Referral Program is easily the most popular equipment financing relationship between a vendor (aka, the manufacturer / distributor / etc) and the equipment financing company (that would be me). Here’s how… Read More »