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Leasing or Financing – Which Is Best? It All Depends on Your Company Goals.

Let’s wrap up my little “leasing and accounting” series by going away from the complicated, and embracing the simple. People ask me all the time “what is the best type of payment structure for my business, leasing or financing?” And I always answer with another question: “what is your company goal in wanting this transaction?”  Here are the… Read More »

Now is the Time to Offer Financing (plus a toilet paper analogy!)

My last post mentioned a new type of equipment financing customer we are seeing: the company that used to pay cash for everything who is now starting to finance equipment purchases. And they are doing this to keep their own money safely in the bank while they make monthly payments on equipment.  So now, I will ask once… Read More »

Equipment Leases – The 10% Purchase Option Lease

Moving along in our current lease discussion, let’s talk about the 10% purchase option lease. Essentially, the 10% purchase option lease is similar to the $1 buyout lease we discussed last time (this post will answer a common question I get: “what’s the difference between a $1 buyout lease and a 10% purchase option lease”, to which I… Read More »