Reasons to Finance Equipment in 2022 – New Technology

By | January 27, 2022

So there you are, running your company. 2020 was rocky, 2021 saw a stabilizing and somewhat “new normal” for your industry and revenues, and 2022 is starting to look better.

You look at today’s mail, and in it is the bi-monthly print copy of your industry’s leading magazine. Every industry has one – some have went digital of course, but no matter what your company does, there are probably several organizations dedicated to it, and they send out newsletters and magazines. 

Anyway, you leaf through it like you always do, but this month, something really catches your eye – an article on a new manufacturing process / piece of equipment / software / service offering / etc. The specifics don’t matter for this post, as every industry is different. But you come across one of those advances in your industry that is game-changing for the companies willing to embrace it. 

Because you’re one of those people who sees the big picture, you right away surmise that yes, you DO need to embrace this. You show it to your partner, and they agree – this is something that can really change everything. One drawback: it’s not exactly cheap. At least not for your small “not in the Fortune 500®” company.

This is where fast, easy equipment financing makes all the difference. Especially for solid, already-successful small businesses that have the experience, people, and customer base to really put new technology to great use. Financing new technology allows you to get it right now and capitalize on it. 

I’ll give you a great example: my own dentist was one of the first in the area to offer in-house crowns. They did this by investing in a new digital / milling machine that made porcelain crowns and veneers right in the office. No more impressions and two-weeks with a temp (that always fell out after 10 days) – now patients could get a crown in one visit. The practice almost doubled in a year as happy patients spread the word about this amazing new service (hint: offering new technology when it’s still “new” is a big deal, and will almost always create a positive buzz.)  

Equipment financing gives you the means to deploy new technology right now, when it’s still new, fresh, and industry-shaking. Fortune favors the bold, but you don’t need a fortune to be bold! 

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