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Reasons to Finance Equipment in 2022 – New Technology

So there you are, running your company. 2020 was rocky, 2021 saw a stabilizing and somewhat “new normal” for your industry and revenues, and 2022 is starting to look better. You look at today’s mail, and in it is the bi-monthly print copy of your industry’s leading magazine. Every industry has one – some have went digital of… Read More »

The Latest Specialized Vehicles and Equipment of the U.S. Military

In order to adequately equip troops for the conditions and combat scenarios in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. military demands a massive amount of resources, including state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles. The production of much of this specialized technology equipment is outsourced to various U.S. corporations specializing in weapons and equipment, such as General Dynamics Corp. in Virginia and… Read More »