Reasons to Finance Equipment in 2022 – Overview

By | January 18, 2022

I discuss equipment finance quite often in this blog, and I also discuss various financial and economic issues that are common with businesses. And as I discuss these things, I usually touch on good reasons to finance equipment. 

For example, if I’m talking about rates or similar, I’ll stress the importance of locking financing in with fixed rates. Recently, as 2021 progressed onward and eventually gave way to 2022, I’ve mentioned inflation more than once, and have stressed that financing can be used as a hedge against rising prices. 

But it occurred to me that I’ve never really highlighted these reasons in and of themselves. I’ve always discussed them as a secondary piece to another topic, which is fine, but for now and the next few posts, I’d like to highlight some of the reasons to finance by themselves. Here are a few off the top of my head that will make an appearance over the next few weeks:

  • Using Equipment Financing to take advantage of new technology.
  • Using Equipment Financing to keep your own funds liquid.
  • Using Equipment Financing as a hedge against inflation.
  • Using Equipment Financing to keep pace with your competition.
  • Using Equipment Financing to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Using Equipment Financing and Section 179 (ok, I’ve done this one a lot in this blog, but I’ll still include it at the end.)

Notice that these are all fairly specific, and I’m not using a generic “use equipment financing to help your business grow”. That’s because all of these can (and will) help your business grow. 

Some of these ideas and thoughts may overlap a little as well. For example, isn’t “take advantage of new technology” somewhat similar to “stay ahead of the competition”? Yes, it is. But since the beginning mindset / reason is different, they each deserve their own post. And once I give an example or two of each, it’ll be pretty clear they are different enough.    

Stay tuned for more.

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