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Coca Cola need not read this

Section 179 Roller Coaster Blues

Ok, I know I just posted on Section 179 a few weeks ago, but it’s worth talking about again. Because even though I’m a little kid at heart and like roller coasters, I’m a little tired of this one. In short, the 11th hour raises of Section 179 are great for members of congress to point to and… Read More »

Section 179 for 2015

Happy New Year, everyone! Whew, that was some end to 2014, wasn’t it? But before we take a look at Section 179 for 2015, let’s recap 2014 a bit in regards to our favorite small business tax deduction. For most of the year, Section 179 sat at a maximum deduction of $25,000. I posted about it several times,… Read More »

Section 179 is back!!

Real quick post today, but I have big news. Section 179 is back!! Yes, it’s later in the year, but it finally happened. Our leaders in Washington (they are leaders, right?) have finally given Section 179 for 2014 a little love with the Tax Extenders Bill. And you thought it would remain at $25,000 all year… ahh, Fletch… Read More »

November 2014 and Section 179

I wish I had better news to report in terms of Section 179’s limits. But I don’t. It looks like we’re going to ride the year out with a $25,000 maximum deduction. Yes, there could be a post midterm election surprise, but time is running out, and congress has never been known to act speedy. In fact, “time”… Read More »

Equipment Leases – The 10% Purchase Option Lease

Moving along in our current lease discussion, let’s talk about the 10% purchase option lease. Essentially, the 10% purchase option lease is similar to the $1 buyout lease we discussed last time (this post will answer a common question I get: “what’s the difference between a $1 buyout lease and a 10% purchase option lease”, to which I… Read More »