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Coca Cola need not read this

Equipment Financing Made Simple

Since I work in equipment financing, I’m often asked “Hey Chris, what are some of the advantages of using an equipment financing company over a traditional bank?” There are a lot of answers to that question, all of which I’m sure to go over at some point. But for today, lets start right at the beginning- at the… Read More »

Automobile Financing- Buying vs. Leasing (Overview)

Automobile Financing- Buying vs. Leasing (Overview) This week I’m going to start a series on automobile financing and automobile leasing. This will need to be a series because there is just so much information in regards to buying vs. leasing that it could fill a book (tax advantages, which is best for a particular type of business, different… Read More »

Here’s Some Great Tax Advice – Hire an Accountant

Today is January 17th, meaning there are less than three months remaining until tax day (forgive me, but us finance guys treat tax day like a major holiday. Now that I think about it, maybe this is why we don’t ever get invited anywhere). Anyway, being that I am a finance guy, every tax season, I get asked… Read More »

Equipment Financing as a Profit Center

I know that I’ve alluded to today’s subject here in previous posts, but this time, I’d like to devote an entire post to it, as it is important. For many small businesses, taking the plunge to finance equipment is a big step. After all, when all is said and done, you’re assuming a long-term commitment. So I want… Read More »

There’s still time to lower your 2007 tax bill

With the holiday season in full bloom, and the New Year right around the corner, most businesses have fallen into that ‘Friday afternoon’ stage of the year. It’s time to reflect, retool, restock, and revel (although you may want to do your reveling after work!) I want to add one more word to that, re-check. As in re-check… Read More »